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Portable Mobility Scooter In A Suitcase By Tzora

A portable mobility scooter in a suitcase is something only we at Tzora can provide for you. Tzora has been developing medical and transportation aid for over 30 years, we consider ourselves perfectionists and we display this on many different levels. Firstly on the quality of our products, secondly on the customer service we provide and thirdly in our flexible and comprehensive payments plans to assure everyone can get their own Tzora Product.  

8 Different portable mobility scooters

We at Tzora understand that different people have different needs. This is why we have developed 8 different models. Because every one of our customers can find the model most appropriate for themselves. We wanted to assure our products were flight approved and could be easily taken anywhere; hence, we created a portable mobility scooter in a suitcase! Yes, our models can be very easily folded and carried like any other piece of baggage in an airport, an office or a train.

Creating The Ideal Folding Scooter For Adults


Lightweight Mobility Scooters

Our  models are the large powerful Titans. These either come with either 4 wheels for optimum stability or 3 wheels for optimum manoeuvering. They are large powerful machines ready for any road and any path. Our easy travel category aims to make the lightest portable mobility scooters in a suitcase for easy travel to wherever you go. The three models are the Lite, the Classic and the Elite. They are extremely lightweight and quality models which will follow you wherever you go.

Developed In-House

We develop and manufacture all our products in-house, due to that reason we are so confident that each one of our models comes with 3 years warranty so you can ride at ease knowing we have your back. So, don’t miss your chance and get your portable mobility scooter in a suitcase now!

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