Mini Mobility Scooters by Tzora lightweight and durable

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Mini Mobility Scooters by Tzora lightweight and durable

What makes the mini mobility scooters by Tzora so good? Tzora has been developing and manufacturing medical aid and transportation aid for over 30 years. Not only do we say we are the best. But we go through great efforts to show it through our products, our customer service and our attention to detail. We understand our customers have different needs which is why we developed and manufactured 8 different models to make sure we fulfil all of our customer’s needs. We are not satisfied until our customers are not satisfied and that is what makes us different from all the other companies.

Mini Mobility Scooters by Tzora

Tzora Mini Mobility scooters are some of the most compact and lightest folding scooter for adults in the market. What differentiates our Mini Mobility Scooters is the perfection in size which gives you the best of every world. They are small and compact enough to be taken with you wherever you go. They can be easily loaded and unloaded into your vehicle and transported to wherever you go. At the same time, they are stable and safe to drive with ease of mind wherever you go. portable mobility scooter in a suitcase by Tzora

The Models

Tzora easy travel category offers three different models which are considered Mini mobility scooters: The Lite, The Elite and The Classic. These models’ ergonomic design mixes power and speed with strong electric motors. This gives you a range of 8 miles and a max speed of 4 mph. The beauty of a mini mobility scooter is its versatility. You can fold one up and pop it in the boot of your car. Once you have reached your destination you can take it out of the boot. This allows you to travel from door to door because you can tuck these mini mobility scooters away. When you need to travel you will have that independence that you once had.

3 Years Warranty

We are present in over 12 dozen countries around the world having served thousands of customers. Now with our three models: The Lite, The Elite and The Classic we are confident we have achieved it and that’s why we are the only company who offers 3 years warranty on all our products.

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