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Ultra-Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter By Tzora

The lightweight mobility scooter Tzora ‘Feather’ is incredibly light in weight and when folded, is much easier to transport when compared to traditional, heavier models. With a push towards freedom and independence, ultra-lightweight folding mobility scooters are one of the best ways to make your way around town.

People who suffer from illnesses and disabilities, such as arthritis and Parkinson’s Disease. And those with difficulty lifting may find these folding mobility scooters to be an easy way to get around. With a folding mobility scooter of this weight, it is much easier to transport when compared to traditional, larger scooters.

Everyone Deserves Their Independence

Travelling about, visiting friends, shopping, exploring the world. These are all important to the mental health and wellbeing of anyone. Being happy is a great way to stay healthy. Being locked inside is one of the main reasons for depression. This past year and a half have been incredibly difficult for everyone. It has been even more difficult for those with disabilities. Getting about isn’t easy when you are disabled and live by yourself. And so it is incredibly important that the needs of so many are catered to.

Accessibility To Independence

The need to access mobility, but being restricted by the weight of traditional mobility scooters is a major problem. For many who have limited mobility, but also are restricted by the amount of weight that they can lift, this is always a difficult compromise. There are many ways that you could have restricted mobility, these include.

Arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), injuries, etc. An ultra-lightweight folding mobility scooter can be a great option. Unlike wheelchairs that require both hands and feet for operation and balance which can lead to falls, ultra-lightweight folding mobility scooters allow users to maintain their independence and reduce the risk of falls.

The Feather Mobility Scooter

Tzora has created the Feather so that more of the people that love our scooters can enjoy them. The Feather is designed on the blueprint of the Classic, but instead of using tubular steel, it uses flight grade aluminium instead. The Classic is a fantastic model for those who wish to possess a light compact machine. It folds easily, can be stored simply in a cupboard or under the stairs. When you need to you can split it up and lift it more easily into a car boot you can.

Visiting friends again

With portable mobility scooters like the Feather, you will be able to visit your friends again. Whether they are down the road or further afield you will feel comfortable on the padded seat that has a 4-point docking system. If your friends are further away you can fold up the scooter and transport it by vehicle to your destination.

Going shopping on your own

Having a mobility scooter means that you don’t have to worry about other people. You have the range to travel around the shops, drive-in browse the shelves and make your purchase. Lightweight mobility scooters are great for this kind of thing. You have a basket to put all your shopping in. A mobility scooter will give you that independence that you require. It caters to your individual needs.

Visiting tourist attractions

With your mobility scooter, you can travel around tourist attractions with your family. Where before you may have needed to be pushed in a wheelchair. Or have had to stop when tired of walking, now you have the range and speed to keep up with them all.

On a family walk

Having the full range to go out on a family walk is a great thing. These lightweight mobility scooters allow you to have that freedom. You fold the mobility scooter up, store it in the car boot and travel to the start of the walk. The speed of the scooter ideally fits the pace of a walking person. Mobility scooters like these have a range of features that make them well suited for walks. The range of the scooter is suitable for long walks. The wheels are solid, they will not puncture. The power is suitable for small hills.

Taking your scooter abroad

All Tzora Mobility scooters can be taken on a plane. We have a range of certificates to allow each mobility scooter to fly. It can be as easy as leaving your suitcase at check-in and then travelling around the airport under your own steam. Once you get to the plane you fold the mobility scooter up, you take your seat, and the flight crew store your scooter. Once you have landed you receive your mobility scooter back and you have the mobility to travel out of the airport.

Using public transport

Because these are folding scooters they are ideal for public transport. You drive your mobility scooter to the nearest bus stop and whilst waiting for the bus or light rail to come along you already have a seat to sit on. The mobility scooter can be folded and placed in a space on the bus or train, whilst you can sit nearby. These lightweight scooters are great for travelling by public transport.

Going on a bus or coach trip

Coach operators require that mobility scooters can be broken down into parts no more than 20Kg. Because the Feather is the lightest mobility scooter that we have, this is more than possible. Each part is no more than 10Kg. Lightweight mobility scooters are a great way to use these features. Coach trips are a great way to travel around. Once you have arrived at your destination there is no problem with mobility. Your mobility scooter not only provides transport for you, but they are also a comfortable place to rest on the padded seat.

Loading into the car

What many people in need of mobility assistance need is to be able to carry the mobility scooter into the car boot. With a large mobility scooter, this can be difficult. With lightweight scooters, this becomes much easier. Another need is for folding scooters, with a folding mobility scooter finding room in the car boot can be difficult.

Storing within your home

Because this mobility scooter splits up into 2 main parts you will need much less space. This also works in your own home. A lightweight mobility scooter like this can be stored in a very small cupboard.

Unloading from the car

Once you have reached your destination, you can park up and unload the lightweight mobility scooter. The maximum range for this mobility scooter is 9 miles. On its own, it is great for exploring your local area. Once you add cars or other forms of transportation you can travel that much further. Your range goes up and your ability to get to places does too.

The Frailty of Old Age

Being able to operate a mobility scooter yourself is the most important thing. Many elderly and infirm people find that if they want to go out then they are dependent on their children or friends. Using your scooter on your own gives you independent and portable freedom. It means you don’t have the worry of being stuck in your own home anymore. For independence, this is the best mobility scooter. This lightweight scooter doesn’t take up much space when it isn’t being used as well.

What is the best lightweight mobility scooter?

We believe that the Feather is one of the best lightweight mobility scooters on the market. It has a range of 9 miles on one charge. The weight capacity is 115Kg 19.5 stones. There is enough power to drive this mobility scooter up a 10% hill. Because it can fold and also disassemble it is great for storing. It folds down into a suitcase-type arrangement and in that form can be pulled around. So when someone asks which is the best lightweight folding mobility scooter we of course say the Feather.

The main advantages of the Feather

With a maximum speed of 4mph, the Feather is a great compact mobility scooter for travelling around with able-bodied people. These portable mobility scooters fit into almost any car boot. They allow you to enjoy the companionship of friends and family when out and about. Their padded seat allows you to sit with comfort. There is an adjustable tiller or steering column that allows people of all heights to use the scooter. The total weight of the scooter is 19.5Kg which also can be loaded into a car boot as two 10Kg parts. These lightweight mobility scooters have four wheels, and smaller batteries than many other lightweight scooters.

Maintenance and servicing

The Feather is a solid scooter and will take a lot of wear and tear. Even though it is perhaps the lightest mobility scooter around it is very tough. The scooter will need servicing occasionally, but you can also make sure that you can keep it in the best possible way. Always keep it clean and also clean the battery contacts. This way your vehicle will last for longer and require less maintenance.

Charging the battery

The battery sits on the adjustable tiller and can either be charged whilst in place. Alternatively, you can take the battery closer to a charging point. This is ideal if you are out and want to top the power up for your return journey.

Folding the Feather

When folding the first thing you do is to push the back of the seat down. Next, you pull the two black pins up on the adjustable tiller, whilst moving the tiller away from the scooter. With your right hand, you reach down and lift the handle at the back of the footplate up. The two pieces concertina together, and lock. You can now lift it into your car boot.

Splitting the Feather

The Feather will also split, lifting the two black pins, you move the adjustable tiller forward. Reaching down you can now lift the spigot out of its socket. You now have it in two pieces that can also be folded and stored.

Freedom For All

When choosing a mobility scooter it is important to choose the right one. If you need a portable scooter, but most are too heavy for you, an ultra-lightweight scooter could be for you. We at Tzora recognise that many of our clients not only have disabilities but are getting progressively older. Many who talk to us find lifting any kind of weight to be hard, and so we have responded with the Feather. This will give you all of the benefits of the Classic. These are easy to fold, simple to use, and simple to split into two. Once you have the Feather you will regain your freedom and independence. You can begin to get your life back.

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