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The Bigger The Better

During the development of our Titan off road mobility scooters, we went with the motto the bigger the better. This is our medium to large mobility scooter range. With nearly 30 years of experience in medical aid and transportation aid, we knew exactly what to do when developing these scooters. They are all-terrain, powerful, durable, safe and top-quality mobility scooters.

Flagship Products

Our two titan models the titan 3 and the titan 4 are our flagship products. The medium to large off road mobility scooter range is an important class of scooter. We believe that within this class, strength and reliability are key. They should be able to transport you anywhere no matter the terrain or the distance. With a maximum range of 18.5 miles, pneumatic tyres, and wheels with suspension, you have the distance, strength and comfort. Don’t forget also that these are folding scooters.

The Four Wheeled Version

The Titan 4 is a mobility scooter specifically designed for a variety of different uses. They are just as at home out in a field as they are around a shop. This terrain scooter can be folded and split apart, for easier vehicle loading. In fact, many of our customers use ramps to get the scooter into the car. When tackling steep hills this mobility scooter is great it will take 14% inclines in with no problem. The specialist battery setup enables you to take them off and inside for easy charging. The Titan 4 will tackle gravel, challenging trails and dirt tracks. A rough terrain mobility scooter is great for exploring the countryside around you.

The Three-Wheeled Version

The Titan 3 is very similar to the four-wheeled Titan 4. It is slightly lighter but is still an off-road scooter, with all the benefits that its 4 wheel cousin has. The beauty of 3 wheels is that it makes this off-road mobility scooter nippier around shops. The ground clearance is still a good 3 inches. It will take in steep hills with no problem. The Titan 3 can cope with the most challenging trails. Off-road mobility scooters like these open your horizons.

What Our Clients Use Their Titans For

We have many satisfied customers who make like to go off the beaten track. Below are some of the pursuits that people who already own the off road mobility scooters get up to.

Visiting Car Boot Sales

This is a very popular pastime with many people. You visit an open field with the hope of finding some great bargains. Normal boot scooters do not always are well under these conditions. An off-road mobility scooter will have no problem travelling over private land, to visit the stall that has the best bargain.

Going Fishing

Both of these mobility scooters are great for fishing. You can load up your equipment in the basket and set off on your all-terrain mobility scooter. The seats are super comfortable and you can sit in them for hours. The all-terrain scooters are a brilliant design for this pastime.


We have a client who uses their off-road scooter to take part in archery. She can fire the arrows from the comfort of her chair. Once she has hit the mark she uses the off-road scooter to go and collect the arrows. She says it is a great all-terrain mobility scooter for this.

Walking The Dogs

Several people who own our off-road mobility scooters use them to walk their dogs. This brings pleasure to all concerned, travelling around the countryside, as only mother nature intended. These all-terrain mobility scooters are a great way to get about with your dogs.

Enjoying The Countryside

The UK is a wonderful place to explore, but it often requires the correct equipment to see it. All-terrain mobility scooters can be the ideal way for those who have mobility issues to see it. Off-road scooters allow the user to go and explore the great British countryside.

Just Going Shopping

This is perhaps the only mobility scooter that is both at home outside and inside. If after a day cavorting around the countryside you fancy a spot of retail therapy then this is the vehicle for you.

How To Fold The Scooter

This all-terrain scooter folds down with ease. The back of the seat folds down, then you can push the whole seat into the footwell. Once you have done this you can fold the steering column down on top. In this position, these off-road scooters can still be operated. So if you want to send them up ramps you can.

How To Separate The Scooter

Once folded you can then separate the back battery and motor section from the front, this allows you to lift the scooter more easily.

Making Use Of A Versatile Machine

The Titan range are extremely versatile mobility scooters, you can forget regular pavements and head outside. Or you can travel around a shop you can achieve a balanced speed by adjusting the speed setting. There are several speed modes from tortoise pace to rabbit speed!

Explore And Enjoy

You can head off into the countryside, or go shopping on the high street. Our Titans are also flight approved by every airline and every airport in the world! The titans are foldable, which means they can be stored in the boot of the car or in the house. These models can also be disassembled for easier storage inside a shed or a garage!

Off-Road Mobility Scooter

In the range of off road mobility scooters, it is important to equip the scooter. We try to think of all the things you could need when going out. The scooters are equipped with:

A strong front light, blinkers, distress lights, horn, ergonomic steering wheel, 4-point docking chair, and suspension, armrests on both sides and a big basket in the back for easy shopping. You can also add mirrors, a front basket, and a cup holder.

FAQ page

Our Brand

We have a presence in dozens of countries around the world. Thousands of satisfied customers attest to the quality, safety and comfort of our products. All our models are designed and developed in house. We are so confident in our models that all our products come with 1 year warranty!

Don’t miss your chance and get yours today!

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