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Tzora Assistive Technology has been designing and manufacturing the best scooters for nearly thirty years. This gives us a massive advantage over our competitors when customers are looking for mobility scooters for sale. Our aim with all our mobility scooters is to provide a path to independence and freedom.

We offer 5 different scooters divided in two different categories since we understand not everyone has the same needs and our aim is to satisfy everyone’s needs.

So when looking for a new mobility scooter a visit to Tzora is recommended.

Below you will be able to choose the correct scooter for you.

Our first category is the easy travel category. The scooters in this category are extremely lightweight and compact. The four different machines are the Lite, the Elite, the Classic and the Feather.

Their electric mobility has a range of 9 miles and a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour, they have adjustable arms rests on both sides, basket, speed control and ergonomically steering wheel for painless long use. They also fold and disassemble very easily in order to be taken wherever you need.

The second category is our large powerful category with two of our flagship products the titan 3 and the Titan 4 their electric mobility gives them a range of 18.6 miles! And a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour. They have electromagnetic brakes making every ride safe and stable. The Titan three is a 3 wheel machine giving it lots of flexibility in manoeuvring. Both scooters have a special suspension system in order to be used in even the roughest terrain, with special wheels to assure there are no limitations to these strong machines!

Our largest – The Neptune either – 3 wheels or 4 wheels

High quality and premium electric mobility!

Suitable for those who need a solution for 2 adults for a particularly comfortable trip, whose range is wide and/or intends to use it as the main transportation tool for mobility

Notable advantages– An extra large and powerful tool with a wide double bench for 2 adults, a built-in hard roof, including all safety and comfort accessories that increase traffic security and high independence

With a big basket in the back. You can also add a rain cover. Its speed – 12 km/h, by law, with a driving range of 25 miles

Mobility Scooters For Sale

Mobility scooters are mobility aids that are designed to help the mobility challenged to get around with ease. These can be defined as motorized vehicles used by people who have mobility difficulties, for example, those recovering from a stroke or heart attack. They come in many shapes and sizes, including folding mobility scooters, lightweight mobility scooters, 8mph road-going mobility scooters etc. It is important to note that not all mobility scooter types will work well for you depending on your needs. When looking for mobility scooters for sale Tzora is a great company to turn to. We have a lot of experience guiding people looking for the correct mobility solutions. Below are the key points that we discuss with anyone wanting a new scooter.

Which One Is Right For Me

If mobility scooters are your preferred mobility aid, you will have to choose from a wide variety of models. Below, we explore our five mobility scooter options that may work well for you. For example, if mobility is something you prioritize when it comes to mobility aids, then a lightweight boot scooter might be the ideal choice for you. Or if you need something that will travel further then you might want an 8mph scooter.

The problems with choice

One of the main concerns with mobility scooters is how difficult it can be to select which one is right for you. This article reviews our five travel mobility scooters across 2 different styles of classification. We also review what makes each mobility scooter unique so you can find one that’s right for your needs.

Choosing the correct one

Before choosing the scooter that is going to suit you, you have to evaluate your needs and expectations. If you have limited mobility then any of the electric mobility scooters may be correct. There are many other issues that are going to affect people though.

Many of the people who contact us have health issues like arthritis. Or they might have a disease like COPD. Every person is different and requires a different solution. So we aim to guide the customer as much as possible. Depending on your needs you will face unique challenges This is going to affect the machine that is correct for you.

Storing your scooter

Then there is space for storage or places to charge the scooter. If you don’t have much space then you are going to need a lightweight folding scooter. If you have more space then a larger scooter will be fine.

The main choice is usually whether you need a pavement scooter? Or whether an 8mph larger scooter is best for you?

Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooters

Pavement mobility scooters are machines typically designed for use on paved surfaces. These devices are lighter weight and typically have a narrower deck, which can make them easier to navigate on more uneven surfaces. Our mobility scooters all have a speed limit of 4mph and a range of 9 miles. These portable scooters can be folded for easier transportation and storage.

Range and Ability

These scooters are designed for people who need added help once they have left their car. Normally mobility scooters are not designed to go up or down steep hills. All the Tzora pavement scooters will cope with 10% hills. 

These electric mobility scooters are designed for use on all surfaces, including indoors and outdoors since they do not require a paved surface to operate properly. However, if you do find that even the slightest bump causes you pain, then they might not be for you.

Class 3 Road Going Mobility Scooters

We also have road legal mobility scooters. These have lights and indicators and can travel at 8mph. The range for these folding scooters is further than the boot scooters. They provide transport needs somewhere in between a boot scooter and a car, and don’t require a driving licence. There is also a larger carrying basket, allowing for complete independence from a car.

The Four Different Types

The 4 different pavement scooters we have are the Lite Lexis, the Classic, the Elite and the Feather.

Lite Lexis is a four-wheeled portable scooter that folds along its length. The chair folds down, then the steering column folds down on top. That is it, it is now ready to be lifted into a car, or wheeled around. The Lite is the best mobility scooter for public transport as it folds and opens so quickly and easily. When not using you can pick these scooters up by the handle at the front. This then allows you to wheel the scooter around. If you have some mobility, then this could be an ideal scooter for you. Allowing you to both exercise, and when you get too tired, to sit down in comfort.

Folding in the same way

The ClassicElite and Feather all fold in the same way. Once the back of the seat is folded down this releases a pin, connecting the front and back. Once the pin is released, a handle can be pulled up to concertina the seat and footplate together with the steering column. This can now be wheeled around like a shopping trolley. They also have the added benefit of being able to separate the steering column from the rest. To separate the front from the back, pull the black pins up on the steering column. Tip the steering column forward slightly. Then remove the spigot from the socket, where the footplate connects by the steering column. You now have the machine in two parts. Both parts can be folded, and easily lifted into a vehicle.

The difference between 3 and 4 wheel

The Classic is a 4 wheeled model. The Elite is a 3 wheeled scooter with the added benefit of stabilising wheels under the footplate. Both are made of tubular steel. With the heaviest part of both being only 14.5Kg or 32lbs, they are great for lifting in and out of cars. Again they can be stored in very small spaces.

The Ultra-light Feather

The Feather is like the Classic, except the tubular construction is formed from flight-grade aluminium. This is a true ultra-lightweight scooter. Once split both parts are about 10 Kg, 22lbs or less. There is an ideal scooter for someone who is weaker and finds heavier weights problematic.

So which of our pavement mobility scooters will be the right one for you?

The Larger 8mph Mobility Scooter

The Titan 4 mobility scooter is a powerful scooter that can reach speeds of up to 8 mph. This mobility scooter is perfect for people who want the freedom to travel anywhere they want. The Titan 4 mobility scooter also has a long battery life, so you can travel for up to 18.5 miles without having to worry about running out of power. This mobility scooter is also designed to handle some of the most difficult terrains, so you can travel up and down steep hills with ease.

Titan 4

The Titan 4 does split into 2 so it is possible to lift and fit them in the boot of a large car. But bear in mind each part is over 27Kg or between 4.25 and 4.5 stones. They can also be folded and guided up ramps whilst standing next to them. There are also various lifts that can be incorporated to your car if you need to lift them in and out. If you are looking to travel greater distances this mobility scooter may be ideal. Because of suspension, pneumatic tyres and large wheels this scooter has a very comfortable ride.

Mobility Solutions

When looking for mobility solutions, this is a great choice. The Titan 4 is very flexible for mobility scooter users. Being only 24″ wide it will fit through most internal doors. It also has a good motor that allows it to climb, and a large battery to give it a good range. It has a wide range of natural environments. You can use it to go shopping. You can also travel around the countryside on it. 

All In All

Mobility scooters are mobility aids that come in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on your mobility needs, you may want to consider the type of model you purchase. For instance, if you need a mobility aid most often used indoors, then one of our lightweight foldable models would be ideal for you. If all-terrain use is important to you or if space is limited where it will be stored, then an 8mph Titan 4 scooter might work well for your lifestyle. Whatever your situation may be when considering which mobility scooter works best for you, our team is here to help! So come and test drive our scooters and make the decision about what kind of mobility scooter for sale will work best for you.

What makes Tzora different is our personalized attention to all our clients and their needs.

Your experience with us does not end once you walk out the store, we give you 3-year warranty and assist you in anything we can.

Don’t miss your chance and get yours today!

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