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When buying a mobility scooter or vehicle, it is always a priority to get the best product available, at the lowest cost. Often, if not in most cases, the individual purchasing the mobility, either for himself or a loved one, is eligible for VAT relief. VAT Relief is where you can receive products VAT free at a reduced price. At Tzora, all of our products include VAT Relief!

Who is eligible?

In order to receive VAT Relief, you must be cond=sidered chronically sick or disabled. This includes physical/mental conditions which have long-term and serious effects on your daily life. This could be any condition considered, by a medical professional, as chronic. This, for example, excludes individuals with conditions such as temporary bone breaks or illnesses.

To be declared as chronically sick, you do not in fact need a professional to declare you as such, hence it is up to the individual to determine themselves as chronic or not!

Here are some chronic illnesses which could be relevant:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease

How is VAT Relief claimed?

 In order to purchase goods with VAT Relief, one must perform a self-declaration statement. This is a simple process performed when placing an order. We offer this service either, online or over the phone with one of our agents.

When purchasing for a loved one:

You simply have to fill out the form, or do so with our agents. It’s that simple!

We offer VAT Relief on all our products, to all our customers that fit the criteria! We are always happy to help explain this further to our customers, and clarify any questions or complications on this matter!


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