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Why a boot scooter ? 

These scooters are designed specifically for the disabled who want their independence and freedom of movement returned to them. These mobility scooters are usually very lite and  easy to handle with simple trigger mechanisms installed to enable any disabled , young and old to open, fold and activate them at their convenience .  

The Evolution : 

The evolution of the folding Boot Mobility Scooter can be accredited to the dynamic creativity of engineers whose aim it has always been, to achieve a better quality of life for every  disabled  person .  

Where did the ideas come from and why :  

Who would have thought that invalids, disabled and elderly would ever have the option of swapping the wheel chair for an electric mobility scooter, small and light enough to go anywhere and easily stored just about anywhere, thus giving joy of independence and freedom to so many?  

It can be safely stated that not many of us even dreamed of such a probability. However, with the wonderful creativity of some very able engineers, we are now privy to witnessing an entirely new and revolutionary industry that has greatly enhanced the quality of so many lives of once, very unhappy and lonely individuals. .  

Many Types of boot Scooters 

Not only has this small type of Mobility Scooter become so much in demand but also many other types of scooter models, small, medium and large including road and off road all terrain scooters, with different capabilities to suit the individual’s needs and requirements . The fact that the mobility scooter is environmentally friendly makes it even more of a “wonder” product; a medical solution to a medical issue world wide for the disabled.    

The Fold up \ Boot Mobility Scooter 

This is just one particular model of scooter amongst so many other types. It is designed with such insight at enabling a disabled person to be mobile in just about every aspect and way of life. It is designed to be light, manoeuvrable, easy to handle, safe and durable, with a strong motor, fuelled by High technology batteries and easily storable when necessary.  

Not only storable at home when not in use but also when being transported in an airplane, train, bus and personal motor vehicle of so many types. Because the most common form of personal transport has become one’s personal motor vehicle to many, this Transportable Scooter , has become one of the most sought-after Lightweight Fold up mobility scooters in the world.

The Ergonomically “Human “design and Materials  

Meticulous consideration has been incorporated in the use of solid-state materials; in the motor, the braking system, including the nuts and bolts, in such a way as to ensure Lightweight product Safety.

Engineers continue to craft the precise-exact safe weight which each scooter maintains to ensure paramount safety for disabled customers.

Safety . 

The engineers have had to ascertain the exact safe weight, ensuring  that the scooter be  safe enough for the disabled user, while also very durable and easy to use. Its volume \ the space it occupied once in the boot has also been one of the many priorities. Engineers had to also consider the various designs of cars, the types of boots they had; how the \ edge \ lip on the boot may determine whether or not the scooter could easily be fitted into the boot. This particular aspect of the car would prove to be a great influence during the design of the scooter so as to enable it to be lifted into the boot with ease.  

To solve the weight issue, the Boot Mobility Scooter has been manufactured with light weight metals like Flight Aluminium, and Carbon Fiber, both of which are used in the Racing Car industry.  

A Fold Up Transportable Boot Scooter:  

This type of scooter must be easy to use, with minimal bolts and clips to disconnect while also being light enough for the disabled person to handle taking into consideration the person’s agility, and strength as they fold and shove it into the boot of the car.  These Scooters can also, in most cases, be disassembled if space in the boot becomes an issue. However, disassembling the scooter may not be that easy for all disabled persons.  

One would have to be stable enough to stand on both legs, strong enough to separate the parts of the scooter and then load them into the boot. Due to the latter, The Lite Fold Up option is the most  convenient .  

The Lightweight Fold Up Scooter ended the dominant reign of the wheelchair :  

The new revolution in technology in this industry has created a sense of empowerment to so many disabled persons as they rediscover their freedom and independence. The scooter can now be transported easily and conveniently enabling the disabled person to join friends and family on countryside and beach front walks while also providing them with access to shopping and public meetings without having to rely on a helper as was in the past during the reign of the wheelchair.    

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