About Us

Tzora Active Systems Ltd. is an Israeli medical devices and mobility products manufacturer, founded in 1995. The company is headquartered in Beit Dagan, Israel, and has a sales office in Beachwood, Ohio, United States. Tzora’s products are sold in over 30 countries around the world, with the majority of sales in the United States and Europe.

Tzora’s flagship product is the Active Passive Trainer (APT & APS), a smart exercising machine that provides rehabilitation workouts using either active or passive mode. The APT is backed by over 100 clinical studies, which show that movement training can improve patient quality of life. The APT has been awarded US and European certifications, including ISO 13845, CE and FDA medical device.

In addition to the APT, Tzora also manufactures a line of lightweight, collapsible electric mobility scooters called Easy Travel. These scooters are designed to be easily transported by car, train, or airplane. Tzora also offers a line of Samson Power Drive units, which can be attached to manual wheelchairs to provide additional power and maneuverability.

Tzora’s products are used by a wide range of people, including those with physical disabilities, neurological disorders, and sports injuries. The company’s mission is to “provide innovative solutions that improve the quality of life for people with limited mobility.”

Company profile

  • Name: Tzora Active Systems Ltd.
  • Founded: 1995
  • Headquarters: Kibbutz Tzora, Israel
  • Sales office: Beachwood, Ohio, United States
  • Products: Active Passive Trainer (APT), Easy Travel mobility scooters, Samson Power Drive units & Manual Most innovative wheelchairs.
  • Markets: United States, Europe, and over¬†40 other countries
  • Mission: “To provide innovative solutions that improve the quality of life for people with limited mobility.”

Amazing Tzora Mobility Scooters

We have accommodated these goals through the following means:

The Human factor:

Tzora Mobility Scooters is a veteran company that provides friendly and professional customer service. Support is always available, and we promote a deep commitment towards our customers before, during and after their purchase.

Innovation and technology:

Tzora Mobility Scooters Development Team includes experts in a wide variety of fields. Our designs are specifically developed for the different models of Tzora Mobility Scooters. Taking into consideration ergonomic requirements as well as focusing on user experience.

Tzora warehouse we are mobility scooter manufacturers
Continued communication with our customers (and distributors):

In order to meet the needs of tens-of-thousands of satisfied Tzora Mobility Scooter customers, worldwide, we encourage honest and continuous communication with our customers.

Safety and quality of materials:

Tzora Mobility Scooters Holds international certifications including the FDA and CE. We insist on working with the best suppliers to ensure reliable materials.

Variety of solutions and products:

We offer a variety of payment methods as well as high quality accessories and products that address our customers preferences. We promise you to be attentive to your needs and adjust the best lightweight, foldable, travel mobility scooters for you.

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