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Creating The Ideal Folding Scooter For Adults

We, at Tzora, have been on a long and intriguing adventure, throughout our history, in creating and developing some of the most ideal folding scooter for adults. We all remember those early years playing in the park, getting an ice cream cone and riding around on our kick scooters. The freedom and excitement in going fast is still a part of us, even today. Of course, for our parents, having a folding kick scooter was a real game changer. Folding it up and packing it in the back of the car gave parents an option of keeping the kids happy and entertained, anywhere they may go. This simple idea led us, at Tzora, to one simple thought. Why not create a folding scooter for adults as well. But better.

Folding Scooters For Adults

Of course, this was no simple feat. Folding scooter for adults are not a new concept. In order to get it right, the scooter must be lightweight enough to simply load in a car.  It must be strong enough to give the correct support and stability and easy to fold. This allows even our highest disability customers to use these scooters simply.

Customers Enjoying Our folding scooter for adults

Through years of experience and customer insights, we created some of the best and most attractive folding scooters for adults on the market. Our lightweight folding mobility scooters truly fit all the key criteria of a folding scooter for adults, in terms of both their aesthetics and their functionalities. We truly believe we have given our customers the feeling that they had back in the park as kids. That feeling you had as a kid, the independence and freedom that four wheels can provide, you can achieve with adult mobility scooters. Our scooters met all of our expectations, and this was really reflected in our customers’ use of them. Not only were customers buying ore, but they were contacting us to express the enjoyment they were getting from these scooters.

Scooters That Change Your Life

Mobility scooters for individuals struggling with disability have, time and time again, shown us that disability can not define us. Having an ideal folding scooter for adults can really prove that. Going to town with a scooter in your car. Taking a “stroll” (albeit with four wheels as your legs) in the countryside. Taking it abroad to enjoy a regular holiday. All these things are achieved by a scooter that can fold and come with you anywhere can change your life. It can feel like having a pair of brand-new legs. Like having a set of wings.

This journey has been educational and has led us to a great deal of growth as a brand. We had to really get in the minds of our customers to create the ideal folding scooter for adults, and we enjoyed it every step of the way!

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