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What does travel mobility scooter mean?

A travel mobility scooter is important for our customers and for us. We build and design our Folding Mobility scooter with you in mind. Because our customers demand lightweight scooters, we use light, durable materials to construct them. The design is thought through in order to make your life and your independence key. All the scooters we design, and build must fulfil 3 major criteria.


This must be a vehicle; it has to be able to carry you to all the places you need to go. For this reason, we put great emphasis on the material choice. Also our choice of motor and drive mechanism and ride comfort.

Ease of movement

The main thing with a travel mobility scooter is that it has to fold in a simple way so that all customers can open and close them easily. The folding of all our scooters can be done in seconds. We have thought about weight issues too. Some of our scooters also disassemble for easier transportation by car.

Stylish travel mobility scooter design

All our mobility scooters look good, you will feel great riding them around. We are often told how often they are admired.


Our scooters have certification worldwide for travel. Whether this is on European, Asian or American airlines. You can feel safe and secure that you can travel with your scooter anywhere in the world. Extending your independence, and taking your travel mobility scooter everywhere.
Man taking Classic scooter out of car for great mobility

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