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Which electric scooter for the disabled is Right for You?

What electric scooter for the disabled is right for you? Choosing a mobility scooter is not an easy decision to make considering the options. By identifying exactly what particular needs you have as an individual this decision can be made simple. One must consider multiple factors such as usage, distance and weight in order to find the electric scooter for disabled that would best suit your daily needs. Tzora Mobility Scooter’s offers a range of 6 different electric scooters for the disabled each unique and offering different benefits. At Tzora mobility scooter manufacturers the 6 scooters for sale include the Lite, Elite, Classic, Titan 3 (3 Wheel Mobility Scooter ) and Titan 4 models which are all very highly ranked in the market and offer the highest qualities available. The 6 models separate into two categories, small mobility scooters and big mobility scooters.

Small Folding Scooters for disabled 

The small Folding Mobility scooters for the disabled weighs 60 pounds including the acid battery (with an upgrade option to lithium). These scooters offer easy short distance travel within a city. They are easy to fold (some can also be taken apart in addition to being foldable) and be put into any car boot given its size.

Ease Of Storage And Travel

The electric scooter for disabled is right for people who take the scooter in and out of the house. People who travel often, need to store them in small places and need to pick them up when needed. These scooters can travel long distances thanks to their high capacity batteries and offer a very comfortable drive due to the special mechanism used on the seat. In addition, these scooters are great when going through different restaurants, malls, and houses as they fit through standard doors.

The bigger electric scooter for disabled offer many more advancements such as mirrors, headlights and can travel longer distances thanks to being able to hold and run on two batteries. These scooters are perfectly suited to drive on harsher terrains and rural areas. They can fold but would require a ramp to put into the car. They also require a car that can withstand the weight and size. For people who primarily use their scooter throughout the day and do not onload and offload it into their car every day. They can still be driven in the city and are allowed into restaurants and are safe to drive indoors but mainly recommended for outdoors. In addition, the weight capacity is 250 pounds meaning anyone over that must choose between the two bigger mobility scooter models.

Each scooter offers its own unique benefits and below is a short description of what the scooter is called and what it offers:

Folding electric scooter for disabled

Lite Mobility Scooter – This scooter is a 4 wheeler that folds into a suitcase like a shape. This scooter is great for daily trips for putting in and out of cars. For anyone that needs a scooter to help with grocery shopping or short trips in the city. It can also be driven indoors and is travel and aeroplane safe.

Elite Mobility Scooter – This scooter is a 3 wheeler (2 in the back 1 in the front) that folds but in addition to that can also be taken apart into 2 pieces (3 if you remove the battery). You will find it easier to lift, thanks to two separate pieces instead of one big one. These scooters are great for daily trips and offer very similar abilities to the Lite mobility scooter.

Classic Mobility Scooter – This scooter is a 4-wheeler that folds and is identical to the Elite mobility scooter except it drives on 4 wheels. This mobility scooter is right for people who need to feel extra insurance to balance.  Also, for those who prefer 4-wheeler mobility scooters this option is great.

The Titan Range

The Titan 3 and 4 off road mobility scooter – These flagship models are two of the highest-end mobility scooters offered by Tzora. If you want to travel for longer distances these scooters are ideal. Those that want to travel on rough terrain can also use them. This mobility scooter is right for people who live somewhere where they can travel to places. In addition, this is for people weighing over 250 pounds. The only difference is that the Titan 3 is a three-wheeler and the Titan 4 is a four-wheeler. It depends on your preference.

How Can You Get The best mobility scooters For Your Needs?


In conclusion, all these electric scooters for the disabled fit a lot of needs. You need to decide what you are going to do with it, and what you need help with throughout your day. All of the scooters are medical scooters and fully capable of assisting disabilities. These are the main choices summed up:

  • Are looking for a big or small mobility scooter?
  • With the smaller scooters do you need to take apart the scooter?
  • For the bigger models would you like a four-wheeler or a three-wheeler?

Hope this article was helpful in assisting you on how to find the scooter for you. Thanks for reading,

The Tzora Team

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