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Mum’s Self-folding Mobility Scooter to the Rescue!

This is the story of Mum’s Self-folding Mobility Scooter to the Rescue! Several months ago, my dear mum fell on a slippery hill near her home. Until her fall, my mum was very active and enjoyed her work, teaching school children and tending her garden. My mum was quite busy, she had:

  • outings to meet friends in coffee shops
  • attendance of concerts
  • perusing art galleries
  • and her favourite pastime, the long nature walks in the countryside where she lives

The results of the x-ray showed a fracture in her right shoulder (her dominant arm). She wasn’t only in excruciating physical pain. She was also terribly distraught by the limitations she would experience with such an injury.

The Loss Of Independence

Mum’s shoulder and arm had to be immobilized and therefore she needed help getting around. The injury affected her mobility in general. Her balance and ability to carry out what were once simple functions became very difficult; from carrying groceries to holding her new grandson, to her ability to take care of basic needs, were all jeopardized. One of the most difficult parts of the injury was that she could not manage her beloved walks in nature. The paths that she enjoyed with scenic views and blooming flowers were not level enough for her to keep balance.

I began to think of solutions to help mum get her independence back while her shoulder healed. I’d seen on various occasions people getting around on mobility scooters and hoped I could find something suitable for my dear mum. The most important thing I was looking for in an off road mobility scooter was that it could be stored easily, would be lightweight and could handle rough terrain.

What I discovered is the self-folding mobility scooter. These scooters are designed to be everything I was looking for and more! I was hoping to find something that could be stored in a garage or backyard, like our bikes and lawnmower, but these babies fold up so easily and so compactly, they can be stored in the boot of my car, or even in a closet out of sight and out of mind until needed.

From Gravel Paths Too shopping Centres

What was so fantastic about the self-folding mobility scooter, is that the model she chose (the Titan 3 from Tzora in bright blue!) had all of the above and very durable wheels, which meant mum could go right ahead and scoot around town. She could take the scooter on the same scenic paths as usual and enjoy the wildflowers she had dearly missed while convalescing. After taking the scooter out on those grave paths and dirt trails, she could do her grocery shopping in the scooter and with the much-appreciated feature (which I had overlooked), the non-marking wheels!

I am assured that the fact that mum could go from place to place on her own self-folding mobility scooter, feel the wind in her hair and be in control of her own coming and goings, made her convalescence that much easier and I am so grateful we had this scooter to our rescue!

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