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Why buy an old people scooter when you can get a Tzora! Grandaughter, Daughter and Mother selfie with Titan 4 in red

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“Old People Scooter” to “Fast and Sleek Scooter”. How Tzora Is Changing the Game.

Why buy an old people scooter when you can get a Tzora? Mobility scooters can be a real lifeline for so many of us. They give us freedom, independence, and courage to go out and tackle our daily life tasks and challenges, even in our old ages. Many senior citizens, after purchasing and starting to use a mobility scooter, find that they see a rapid improvement in their health, both mental and physical. It is a tool that can be so incredibly effective in our lives.

An Embarrassing Vehicle

And yet, for some reason, mobility scooters are often looked at as “old people scooter”. They are sometimes seen as a slow and embarrassing vehicle for people who are not able to look after themselves. This, of course, is a terrible and cruel way to look at such a powerful off road mobility scooter. But nonetheless, this is a common stereotype. This stereotype is certainly a problematic one, in that it prevents many people, who are in dire need of such a tool in their lives, to essentially fear purchasing and using a mobility scooter. No one wants to drive an “old people scooter”.

Regaining Your Freedom

But we know how great mobility scooters can be. We know about the freedoms that our friends, who care less than us, are enjoying. We know about the possibilities it opens up to us, like doing our own shopping, or going to the post office without help from anyone else. This awful and real stereotype is holding us back from all these benefits. To some extent, a stereotype or embarrassment in using such a vehicle is actually causing a negative impact on our health.

3 Decades of Experience

So how do we solve this? How do we change the status quo? How do we turn a mobility scooter from an “old people scooter” into an item people will want to use and purchase? At Tzora Active Systems, we’ve put in the time, research and resources to answer this question. With an experience of over 3 decades of mobility scooter manufacturing and designing mobility scooters, we made it a priority to resolve this, both for our customers and for the industry as a whole. We wanted to change the narrative. Mobility scooters can be cool. They can be fast and they can be sleek. A great deal of the beauty that we see in such a product is its functionality. So this was the goal.

The Best Price On The Market

Our goal was to make a scooter that had the best possible specifications for its price, with ultimate functionality based on customer needs, and all this while still keeping the scooter attractive. With our model, the Titan 4 Hummer XL, we believe we have truly achieved this. The Titan 4 is no old people scooter. On the contrary, the Titan 4 is a fast, attractive mobility scooter electromagnetic brake, nimble and stable, and all of this for the best price on the market! We recommend to anyone who has a bad impression or prejudice on new mobility scooters to look at the Titan 4. Just one look and this person will immediately see that a mobility scooter is a machine used to improve lives and look good while doing it.

mobility scooters for sale at the best price on the market

A Titan 4 mobility scooter is not an old people scooter. It is a fast and sleek scooter, which will improve your lives in so many ways!

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