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Tzora is the original mobility scooter manufacturers of folding and compact scooters.

Buying a mobility scooter is a big step, it is an item that gives us the ability to go wherever we want; therefore, what better place to purchase your than from Tzora the original mobility scooter manufacturers.

What does it give you to acquire it from the mobility scooter manufacturers? Well first of all we don’t see our users as customers but more as family. That is the reason why we give 3 years warranty on all our new mobility scooters. After your purchase during your next three years.

Our Models-tzora mobility scooter manufacturers

What we provide as mobility scooter manufacturers are a wide variety of models that can cope with many different terrains and are made from the most durable materials. Moreover, we offer very competitive prices ensuring excellent value for your investment!

Our five models are:

The Titan 4 with 4 wheels for optimum stability

The Titan 3 with3 wheels for optimum manoeuvring (3 Wheel Mobility Scooters)

The Lite is a simple folding scooter

The Classic is a folding and disassembling scooter

the Elite is also a folding and disassembling scooter with a lighter

The Titan Range

They are large powerful off road mobility scooters ready for any road and any path. Our easy travel category aims to make the lightest portable models for easy travel to wherever you go. The three models are  They are extremely lightweight and quality models which will follow you wherever you go.

We understand that due to different circumstances, people have different needs and expectations our models are extremely lightweight, simple and quick to fold. Perfect for travel as well flight approved.

Tzora have been mobility scooter manufacturers for nearly 30 years. We take great pride in our work. Ever since the creation of the company we have aimed to supply only the best of the best to our customers. May that be in our products or in our customer service. We show that desire to achieve excellence in all of our products

We are the proud mobility scooter manufacturers present in over 12 dozen countries around the world having served thousands of customers. All our products come with three years

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