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mobility scooter electromagnetic brake by tzora

Our mobility scooter electromagnetic brake is what differentiates our Tzora from all other mobility scooter manufacturers. We at Tzora want to make sure our customers are safe, and the electronic brake is of key importance in that safety. Designing the products we offer with safety in mind is important to us. We offer safety, quality, service and satisfaction. It is important that you feel safe on the road. This is why we only work with materials of the highest quality. Tzora has been developing and manufacturing medical and electric mobility scooters for over 30 years. We consider ourselves perfectionists paying attention to the smallest details. This is proved not only in the quality of our models but in the quality of our service as well.

What is an Electromagnetic Brake?

The electromagnetic is intended to be engaged only when the scooter needs to stop. The electronic brake will not be engaged during movement or accelerating. On pulling or pushing the lever on the control, the electromagnetic brake is disengaged and the scooter moves.  Once you let go of that lever the mobility scooter will come to a stop.

Our Tzora mobility scooter brake gives you the ability to move safely and easily, with no effort from your muscles. This mechanism will give you peace of mind when travelling around. You can control scooters with one finger, starting and stopping!

With our Tzora electromagnetic brake, you can enjoy the freedom of moving around in your neighbourhood confidently with no limitations on where you are able to go. The great feeling of being in control is what makes this product so successful. You won’t feel tied down or restrained by any means.

How does an electromagnetic brake work?

The electromagnetic brake is a revolutionary new braking system that replaces the old scooter brakes found in most low-end models. This gives you total control while riding, making it possible for you to stop in places and ways that would otherwise be impossible. To disengage the brake you pull or push the lever on the control bar. This will then apply a voltage across the brake, which then releases it. As soon as this voltage disappears the brake re-engages.

The benefit of this brake is that it can be used for stopping and starting, as well as travelling at a constant speed. The standard brakes on most scooters are only for emergency use, making it impossible to stop except in a straight line.

The Tzora electromagnetic brake is the safest and best braking system available on the market today. It gives comfort, ease of mind and safety from the first time you step onto your new mobility scooter.

Where are electromagnetic brakes used?

Most new scooters have electromagnetic brakes. They are also used on high-danger items like electric saws. The point of the brake is reliability and safety. Once the operator lets go the machinery stops. It is the safest and best braking system available on the market today that gives comfort, ease of mind and safety from the first time you step onto your new mobility scooter.

how to know the quality of an Electromagnetic brake?

Electromagnetic brakes are fitted to higher price scooters. So if the price is low then the scooter probably doesn’t have one. In addition, take a close look at the design of the scooter and see if there are two separate parts that make up the braking

how to feel comfortable with electromagnetic brakes?

A lot of people have concerns about the electromagnetic brake at first, but after a few rides, they quickly come to enjoy this added safety feature. Feel free to ride around your neighbourhood and see for yourself how well it works before you buy. It is a very intuitive system, and so coupled with the one-finger operation you will have more time to enjoy your scooter.

Most of the time, you will be able to feel comfortable with electromagnetic brakes after only a few trips around the block. You will have total control over your scooter, meaning that there is nothing to fear when you activate this safety feature.

The Importance of an Electromagnetic Brake

The importance of a mobility scooter electromagnetic brake is safety. When you engage the power leaver the scooter moves forward or back. As you pull the lever this engages the motor, once you release the lever power is cut to the motor and the vehicle stops. This means that in very tight surroundings you are unlikely to hit anything. When you travel around a shop you will have tight turns plus other customers to be careful of. Once you know that you have that protection you will feel so much safer.

Our Five Different Models

We offer five different models to make sure everyone can find the right model for them. Our flagship models are the two powerful titan machines. The titan 4 with four wheels puts an emphasis on stability in every terrain. With special wheels and four-point suspension docks, it assures you stability and safety in even the roughest terrains. Both of these models have a mobility scooter electromagnetic brake. The folding range the Lite Lexus, the Classic and the Elite also have the electromagnetic brake. This gives you safety across all our ranges.

The Power Range

The titan 3 is very similar to the titan 4 what differentiates them is that the titan 3 has three wheels instead of 4. This gives you freedom in manoeuvring in even the smallest of angles. The mobility scooter electromagnetic brake on this model assure your safety and stability.

The titans also come equipped with everything you may need when driving on the road. Frontal headlight, blinkers, distress lights, beeper and a basket to carry all your objects.

Benefits Of Owning A road mobility scooter

We design and build all our models in-house which is why we supply 3 years warranty on all our products. Electromagnetic brakes are installed on all our latest models.

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