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The answers below are all the Frequently Asked Questions FAQ tzora mobility scooter Tzora, that we have been asked here at Tzora Mobility Scooters. The questions range from purchasing the scooter to using it and servicing it. Mobility Scooters have to fit the person buying it and their lifestyle, and so whether it’s a folding scooter or a larger scooter you will find the scooter for you. Buying the correct scooter will enhance your life and your independence. It is important to find out the information you need before you buy.

A mobility scooter as the name suggests, will upgrade your mobility, enhance your independence or expand your everyday life’s options and opportunities.

Either due to Seniority or disability you should positively consider buying your own personal Mobility Scooter to achieve more mobility.

There are many choices in life, some affect us more frequently than others. We strongly believe that you should buy the best mobility scooter that fulfills your expectations and needs. There are few key factors you should consider:


You want to know you can carry it around easily and simply.

Tzora models are all foldable and and/or could be disassembled for that exact reason. We are proud to have the lightest models on the market.


You want your mobility scooter to be practical. Either in the back of your car, your cupboard or on a plane our scooter is made to be your most comfortable choice.


You have to adjust your budget to your needs. That is why we worked hard to make the right engineering decisions and deliver very affordable mobility scooters while not compromising on quality.


Because your new mobility should last long, and have a diversity in driving terrains we have made our scooters indoor and outdoor compatible. They can be highly maneuverable, whilst some can drive on a variety of terrains.

Human engineering:

Your scooter should be stable and comfortable. We design our scooters with considerations for your chair (4 anchor point), hand (specially designed armrest), your palm (ergonomic hand grips), best durable materials for better driving experience and long lasting.

Length of travel:

Before deciding which mobility scooter is best for you try to estimate the length of your expected daily travel. If the scooter you decided meets those expectations, but not the range you should consider either upgrading your battery or buy an extra battery. Our compact models have a 8-9 miles range and our Titan models have a 15.5 miles range.

Number of wheels

Three wheel mobility scooter are considered more manoeuverable and 4 wheels considered to have more stability. With the Elite scooter we have added stabilising wheels to add security to that manoeuverability.

On receiving the scooter

All our Mobility scooters are easy to use, once they arrive most models only need unfolding. With some the steering column will need attaching to the seat and back axle. We have many videos designed to help the consumer which are easily available.

Test drives

Unfortunately at this stage no. We have you covered though because there is a 30 days cancellation period and 3 years warranty to back it.

Shabbat setting

Yes. You can specify it during the purchase and we will make it possible. Please be advised that there is an extra fee and longer supply time.


For the compact models the max speed is 3.7 mph, and for the the large models the max speed is 6.8 mph.

No you do not need a driving license.

We have extended sections in the manual just for this, so you should handle it as any electric vehicle.

As all of our models are designed for either indoor (shopping mall), or outdoor (street or road). We have most of your needs covered.

The compact models focused on lightness, compatibility and easy to use and the Titan models for more power and maneuverability.

All our compact models are flight approved, and you can download the certificates here.

For the compact models With a Lithium battery up to 9 miles, with Lead Acid up to 8 miles. For the large models With a Lithium battery up to 15.5 miles, with Lead Acid up to 8 miles.

It takes 6-8 hours to charge the battery from zero percent to full. Although this isn’t the best way to run your battery. Discharging and recharcharging it completley will reduce the lifespan of the battery. It is best to charge to about 80% from 20% as this will be quicker. This also extends the life of the battery. 

Yes it does, and so all our scooters are supplied with a new lead acid battery.

Yes, of course you can upgrade your lead acid to lithium at purchase (with the extra fee) alternatively you can buy another battery during or after you purchased your mobility scooter. (After purchase sales via our support center.

Purchasing online:

After choosing the best mobility scooter for you, choose the colour that you like, before adding the accessories you would like to have and then just press Buy now.

Purchase by phone:

We also have an option where you can leave your contact details, and our representative will reach you by phone or email.

Once we have your payment and your scooter details logged, we then instruct our nationwide storage house to set the order in motion. Please allow 5-7 days for the mobility scooters to arrive to where you want it.

At present the compact models come in red, blue, or silver. This will be increased to black or pink soon. Our Titan models can be bought in blue or red or grey.

After you receive your payment confirmation message we will let you know by email that we have placed the order. Please contact us if you haven’t. After that is through the transporter application (such as FEDEX, UPS etc.)

Credit Cards (Accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express) PayPal Financing program
Yes it is, as safe as it gets. We use highly secure internet protocols to ensure that it will always stay that way.
We completely understand your need for trust. Tzora mobility scooters have been designing, manufacturing and selling, worldwide for three decades. Our reputation has over hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, BUT, we also give a 3 years warranty so you don’t need to be bothered about it.
3 full years from purchase. Apply to parts that are mandatory for operating the scooter. 6 month limited warranty on batteries

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