Benefits Of Owning A road mobility scooter

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Benefits Of Owning A road mobility scooter

Everyone knows how devastating it can be when you’re stuck at home, ill, unable to move with just newspapers and the TV to keep you company. But limited mobility should not get in the way of you or a loved one, enjoying an exciting and fulfilling life! Below are a few of the many benefits of owning a mobility scooter.

Increased Mobility

Modern mobility scooters fit in brilliantly with the ever-changing ways in which people socialise. Shopping centres and public spaces are constantly improving accessibility. It is becoming much, much easier for road mobility scooter users to access these sorts of places. You will be able to take your portable class 2 mobility scooters on public transport. Or if you have one, just shove it into the boot of your car.

How To Choose The Right Mobility Scooter

Injury Prevention

When you’re older (Old People Scooter)  perhaps you don’t have the physical strength. Falls that cause injury also become a real risk. With the aid of a road mobility scooter, the chances of fall-related injuries are decreased significantly. There are several other reasons why you or a loved one may need a road mobility scooter, such as recovering from surgery. Owning a mobility scooter limits the physical exertion needed to move around. This freedom can allow for a much more comfortable healing process.

Order A Home Presentation

This decision to buy a road mobility scooter will be difficult. We at Tzora have nearly 30 years of experience in helping those with limited mobility. Tzora Mobility Scooters offer home demonstrations on any of our road mobility scooters or Folding Mobility scooter, for a small fee. Ask for the scooter you want, in the colour that you like. An engineer will come to your house and demonstrate it for you. Should you purchase the scooter, the Price of the Home Demo will be deducted from the price of the scooter. Home demonstrations are a terrific way to get hands-on information from a specialist.

3 Year Warranty

ALL our road mobility scooters are accompanied by a 3-year warranty with free delivery anywhere in the UK. Simple to operate, mini/portable boot and class 2 mobility scooters such as:

These can be assembled and disassembled – in just a few minutes. Our cool mobility scooters are incredibly simple to manoeuvre and operate, wherever you wish to use them. You can recharge the batteries from the comfort of your own home OR EVEN WHEN YOU’RE OUT SHOPPING, IF NECESSARY.

Are road mobility scooters Easy To Drive?

Mobility scooters are incredibly simple to manoeuvre. They are light enough to pick up with ease, even if you have had a hip replacement. You will be able to drive your mobility scooter through specifically designed malls/shopping areas that give you full access to their infrastructure.

A road mobility scooter is designed to be incredibly simple to drive. You just need to get in and go! But I must warn you, once you start using your new mobility scooter, don’t expect to want to stop! My granny loves hers so much that she takes it with her on holiday. She could get bored of shopping after all these years!

If you or a loved one has limited mobility then I hope this article helps in making the choice. Why not give us a call?

Can You Use A road mobility scooter On A Cycle Path?

This question comes up often. The answer is, technically no.

But I’m not here to create more problems for you! This article will make this simple issue much easier to understand. If you are looking at purchasing a scooter or thinking of hiring one then hopefully it gives you some peace of mind about which path to take.

Do You Need Public Liability Insurance For A Mobility Scooter?


Despite what many people believe, there is no legal requirement for you to have public liability insurance when driving a mobility scooter. This is because the law states that only self-balancing devices such as Segways and hoverboards are treated as motor vehicles. The Road Traffic Act 1988 does not give mobility scooters the same rights

Mobility scooters are very safe for the road. They are all made to withstand high speeds, bumps and potholes. You can get them up to 6mph (12km/h) with an optimal driving position to give you great visibility of your surroundings.

So why do people believe that they do need insurance?

Well, it’s true that if you want to take your off road mobility scooter on public roads then you will need third-party liability insurance. But this is only so that if there is an incident whilst on the public highway, the other driver has some protection should any injuries occur. It does not mean that everyone who drives a mobility scooter has this insurance by law!

How To Charge Your Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters can be charged in one of two ways:

1. Rechargeable battery pack

2. Mains power supply (plug-in)

If you are using the mains power supply to recharge your batteries then just plug it into a standard 3 pin 13 amp plug socket. USB sockets on laptops will also charge mobility scooters, but they won’t speed up the charging process. It is best if you have an extension lead that gives you easy access to the socket.

If you are recharging from batteries then this would normally take 4 hours for a full charge. Once fully charged our scooters will give you around 8 miles/13km before needing more energy which obviously depends on your weight,

Manufacturers Guide

Be sure to read the mobility scooter manufacturers guide. Ask about the correct way to charge your mobility scooter, as overcharging will cause a gradual decrease in power. Increased Independence Mobility scooters are ideal for those who tire easily. It is essentially a little electric vehicle that allows you to get out and about without the use of an assistant or carer. The increase of independence is inevitable. Mobility scooters also have psychological benefits. You can leave the house when it suits you, and peace of mind for both you and your loved ones, making owning a high-quality mobility scooter the perfect long-term investment.

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