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4 Wheel Mobility Scooter By Tzora

Tzora’s 4-wheel mobility scooter is one of the best mobility scooters on the market.  Because Tzora manufactures a variety of four-wheel mobility scooters, each model has its own unique characteristics to suit our customers’ needs and abilities. You can use these scooters every day needs such as shopping.  Travel on holiday with them. Take these versatile scooters on many modes of transport. You will find these personal mobility vehicles are a breeze to manoeuver and natural addition to your travel ware.

The Choices

Tzora makes four-wheel mobility scooters in two compact models and in a larger, very durable model. The Classic Mobility Scooter and the Lite Mobility Scooter are some of the lightest and most compact models on the market. Using lightweight, durable materials, they also have easy and quick folding technology. You can fold, carry and store in even the tightest storage spots and you don’t have to compromise on quality, sturdiness and strength. The larger more durable model is called the Titan 3 and the Titan4, All Terrain mobility scooter which is Tzora’s flagship hummer model. It is sleek and sturdy and ready for adventure. Tzora is proud to be one of the leading international brands of quality scooters. Allowing for mobility, ease and comfort all combined into one scooter.

The Adaptability and Options

All our four-wheel mobility scooters fold and disassemble into compact parts. You can store them easily in the boot of a car, or in a garage or even in a cupboard at home.  All of Tzora’s mobility scooters are approved for flight travel. They are simple to fold so they are a favourite among flight attendants for the ease with which they load onto the aircraft! There is no better way to travel and sightsee than on a four-wheel mobility scooter. They provide the best manoeuvrability for a variety of settings. These include:

  • outdoor hilly areas
  • airports
  • shopping malls
  • gardens
  • and museums

They are compact enough to fit on a tram, through hallways and elevators in hotels and of course in your own home or flat.

Extending Your Life Renewing Your Freedom

Because active individuals do not want to compromise on their daily activities, the four-wheel mobility scooters are very popular. They depend on our four-wheel mobility scooters for shopping, whether for groceries or in department stores. The scooter comes with extremely comfortable seating. The plush and firm chair and handles are the pride and joy of Tzora company which has been in the business of seating and mobility solutions for over three decades.

An Effortless Walk

In addition to the durability of our scooters, they are very energy efficient and have a very substantial carrying capacity. Customers can be assured they will be carried safely and comfortably to and from their destinations. Another favourite feature of these scooters is the adjustable scooter speeds as well as the cruising speed, an automatic speed that rides as smooth as a cloud. It’s like taking an effortless walk to smell the roses, a perfect speed to peruse in a shop or walk in the neighbourhood and literally smell the seasons’ blooms. The tires are hefty and strong for a variety of weather conditions and won’t mark your floors! Now that’s what I call value!

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